O'Grim Foehammer

"The longer something has been lost, the more its master will want it back"



37 Hit Points, bloodied: 18, surges:9, surge value:9

AC:17 Fort:  14 Reflex: 15 Will: 12 Speed:5 Init:+1

Str: 13 +1

Con: 15 +2

Dex: 10

Int: 18 +4

Wis: 10

Cha: 10

Passive Insight:11

Passive perception:16

Trained skills: Arcana:10, Dungeoneering:8, Heal:6, History:10, Perception:6

Feats: Alchemist, Dwarven weapon training, far throw

Artificer rotes:  Repair Object, Animate Artifice

At-will powers: Thundering armor, Aggravating force

Encounter powers:Healing infusion (2) (minor action),  spike wire, fiery infusion

Daily: Lifetap,  Restorative infusion, Arcane replenishment

Carries a +1 Artificer's hammer of distance (counts as +1 weapon and +1 implement.) Range with feats: 12/22

Leather armor, book of alchemical formulas, alchemists kit, adventurer's kit

Alchemists Frost (1)



An outgoing wanderer, O'Grim is always ready to make new friends around the campfire or a pint of ale. Never in one place for long, the young dwarf follows tales of fabulous treasure in a never ending quest to discover wondrous artifacts that have been lost to the world.


O'grim and his younger brother, Mogrim, grew up in the fabled Mithril Hall, under the tutelage of their father, Archaim Foehammer. Their father was a wondering scholar and artificer who often left the boys with their mother while he traveled Toril in search of lost treasure. When he was younger, O'grim, like his brother, trained to be a warrior. But as first born, it was his duty to take up his father's profession for the good of the hall. A quick study, the formerly brash and feisty O'Grim soon learned to put caution and tactic above foolhardy frontal assault, and grew to appreciate his father's teaching. One day, while exploring ancient caverns near Baldur's Gate, the two unearthed a hidden vault of Eladrin sorcerers unseen by the living in 1,000 years. Unfortunately, the tomb's guardians awoke at their intrusion and O'Grim's father was slain in the ensuing battle. Still, the wonderment of discovery was forever instilled in O'Grim, who carries on in his father tradition today, searching the world for wondrous artifacts in honor of the man who taught him his trade.

O'Grim Foehammer

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