Asimov Bengali

A broken prince in a broken land.


Asimov Bengali

Human Warlock. Hails from Cormyr where he worhips the Moonmaiden, Selune, who governs the ebb and flow of the world.

Speaks Common and Elven

45 HP, 10 Surges a day, 11 per Surge


STR: 13 – +1 – +3

CON: 18 – +4 – +6

DEX: 10 – Null – +2

INT: 14 – +2 – +4

WIS: 11 – Null – +2

CHA: 12 – +1 – +3


AC: 16 | Fort: 18 | Reflex: 17 | Will: 16



Arcana: – 9

History: – 9

Insight: – 7

Religion: – 9

Streetwise: – 8


Warlock Infernal Pact Prime Shot (if closer to enemy than any other ally, +1 to Range Atk)

Shadow Walk (if 3 squares or more away from starting point, gain Concealment until end of turn)

Dark One’s Blessing (gain HP equal to level when enemy under Curse is reduced to, or less than, zero.)

Astral Fire (+1 Damage to Fire and Radiant keywords)

Dark Fury (+1 Damage to Necrotic and Psychic keywords)

Human Perserverance (+1 feat bonus to saving throws)

Armor Proficiency: Chaimail



Warlock’s Curse: 1d6 extra Damage

Eldritch Blast: 1d10 +5 vs. Reflex

Hellish Rebuke: 1d6 +6 vs. Reflex

Dire Radiance: 1d6 +6 vs. Fortitude


Vampiric Embrace: 2d8 +6 vs. Will—on hit, gain 7 temp hp

Frigid Darkness: 2d8 +6 vs. Fortitude—target grants CA to all of your enemies until end of turn


Flames of Phlegethos: 3d10 +6 vs. Reflex—ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)

Shield: When hit by an attack, gain +4 bonus to AC and Reflex until end of turn


Ethereal Stride: Can teleport 3 squares, and gain +2 power bonus to all defenses until end of turn


Khopesh Pact Blade, handaxe, Leather Armor, Adventurer’s Kit, Devil Nail Band, a journal Sessions 1-6 Sessions 7+, small bone mask, 3 books on Animal Husbandry, a bottle of Berduskan Dark wine, one potion of healing, 5gp


Asimov Bengali is the youngest of five children of Claude and Madeline Bengali. The Bengali estates expand many hundreds of acres with the majority of this acreage revolving around the substantial vineyards that give birth to the expressive infusion that is Bengali wine. This exquisite drink is the source of the family’s tremendous wealth and social standings, and the reason the Bengali name is known across the land.

Vincent, the eldest child in the Bengali line, has recently stepped up to run the Bengali Winery business after his father, Claude, was injured on a hunting trip when a bear viciously mauled him, severely injuring the entire left side of his body. Trained for this position since he could first walk, this strapping lad is amply qualified to run the family business; however he is anxious to start implementing some new ideas he has recently envisioned that he feels will help increase sales and distribution.

Christophe, the second-born of the Bengali family, has always been just that in the eyes of his brother, Vincent. Ridiculed for his diminutive frame and build, Christophe became aloof at an early age, spending many long hours alone in the forests surrounding the estate, and took up drawing and painting as a pastime – an act that drew further ridicule from his brother.

Natalie and Isabella, the twins of the Bengali name, have taken their hand at horse breeding and have thus “acquisitioned” a large number of acreage from their parents for these aims. While their numbers are still quite low, the new breeds show outstanding promise.

Two years ago, and unknown anonymity plunged the surrounding areas and the wine community as a whole into utter confusion. A neighboring farmer, in search of a loss calf, entered the forests lining the Bengali estates and noted the unusual quiet that covered the land like a fine mist. Concerned, the farmer proceeded further into the woods until he at last escaped the tree line and witnessed with shock that the entire Bengali domain had been devastated. The prized vineyards lay blackened and smoldering, the large trees that had been the first to bear root on the estates so long ago now lay uprooted and thrown about as if by a whirlwind, and large crater-like depressions marred the face of the horse pastures. As the farmer penetrated deeper into the remains of the Bengali lands, he witnessed the darkened husks of the Winery, servant quarters, and smaller outlying buildings. The giant Manor house itself, though, had simply vanished, leaving only its foundation behind to mark its previous location. There, on that cold, hard slab of stone lay nine skeletal remains; each badly burnt and disfigured. However, even with the level of deformity, it was clear no Bengali, or their servants, numbered these nine.

The appearance of Asimov is the first time any Bengali has been seen since this calamity. Asimov claims to hold no memory of the events surrounding his family’s disappearance and that he awoke suddenly to find himself lying naked on the side of a road covered in blood that was not his own. Another curiosity is the sudden development of Asimov’s magical abilities as, before the event, no Bengali – including Asimov – had ever displayed any magical prowess.

Asimov Bengali

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