Edrienne is an Eladrin Wizard.


Initiative +11, Speed 6, Languages – Common & Elven, Exp -

Hit Points – 32, Bloodied at – 16, Healing Surge Value – 8, Healing Surges/Day – 6

Armor Class = 16, Fortitude = 13, Reflex = 17, Will = 19

Ability Scores:
Strength - 10
Constitution – 10
Dexterity – 14
Intelligence – 19
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 12

Acrobatics +6
Arcana +13
Athletics +4
Bluff +5
Diplomacy +8
Dungeoneering +7
Endurance +4
Heal +7
Insight +10, Passive = 20
Intimidate +5
Nature +10
Perception +7, Passive = 17
Religion +8
Stealth +6
Streetwise +5
Thievery +6
Misc +0

Ritual Casting, Improved Initiative, Implement Expertise (orb), Jack of All Trades


Thunderwave +8 vs. Fort 1d6+5 in close blast 3
Cloud of Daggers +8 vs Ref 1d6+5 +3 in zone 1

Fey Step – Teleport 5 squares
Orb of Imposition Class Feature
Icy Terrain +8 vs. Ref 1d6+5 knock prone and difficult terrain burst 1
Ice Rays +8 vs Ref two rays 1d10+5 and immobilized

Sleep +8 vs. Will burst 2, targets are slowed, fail 1st saving throw = sleep
Rolling Thunder +8 vs Ref 3d6+5 & stuff
The webby thing (level5)

Jump – target gets +10 power bonus to jump checks
Shield – target gets +4 to AC and Reflex defense until end of turn

Amanuensis, Tenser's Floating Disk, Make Whole, Enchant Magic Item, Eye of Alarm, Comprehend Language


Spellbook, Adventurer's Kit, Dagger, Fine Clothing, Bag, Trail Rations (10), 30 gp worth of Alchemic Reagents, Cloth Armor, Quartz of Lucent Casting, +1 Magic Orb, +1 Amulet of Protection, Potion of Healing


Edriene used to live in a large Eladrin city. Even if magical ability is common in Eladrin, she proved to be naturally gifted for magic. She soon became student and aid in a magical school. However, Edriene liked living life instead of living in books, which her fellow students clung to. Perhaps her view of the pale high wizards that rarely came out of their offices scared her. Or perhaps she just likes people. She was sometimes called unfocused by her superiors, but believes they were just annoyed she was not another boring wizard. She eventually fell in love with Jalion. He was a noble and a quite well known adventurer. But this did not keep them apart and they were happy together. Edriene however was no noble and soon Jalion’s family tried breaking their relationship. Two years later Jalion had to take an unexpected trip. Some state affair needed his attention quickly. Edriene was sure that it was another plot to split them up. She wanted to come but was told that it was too dangerous, but she did not care. The next morning the group left for a place called Spellgard. Jalion heard some ghost named Lady Saharel lived among the ruins and has the power of foresight. He needed to speak to the ghost and could not give more details about their mission. The trip was without problem until three days before reaching Spellgard. The group was attacked by a powerful lich and Edriene quickly fell unconscious (girls faint!, jk). When she woke up, most of the group was no longer alive. Edriene was told by Arannis, the first aid of Jalion, that he disappeared with the lich in the fight. Edrienne knew Arannis was lying, but he did not give a clue as to what really happened. After this event, the remaining of the group split. Most returned back to the city to inform them of the tragedy, others just chose to forget and disbanded. But a depressed Edriene chose to continue on, traveling alone to Spellgard and hopefully to the ears of Lady Saharel.


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