Ballreich Koramat, Paladin of Moradin

I work, I drink, and most of all I run into combat to smite my enemies with not only the wrath of my dwarven (half) god Moradin, but with all the hatred of my past.


Ballreich Koramat

Half-elf Half-dwarf Paladin (Lv.2)

Speaks common, dwarven

HP: 54 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 13


STR: 17 – +3

CON: 16 – +3

DEX: 10 – +0

INT: 8 – -1

WIS: 14 – +2

CHA: 16 – +3


AC: 22 (Plate, Half level, Sheild of Chained)

Fort: 17

Ref: 16

Will: 17


Acrobatics -2

Arcana 1

Athletics 1

Bluff 5

Diplomacy 12

Dungeoneering 4

Endurance 6

Heal 9

History 1

Insight 11

Intimidate 5

Nature 4

Perception 4

Religion 6

Stealth -2

Streetwise 5

Thievery -2


Dwarven weapon training (+2 with axes and hammers)

Toughness (+5 health)

Battle Awareness (immediate interrupt basic attack)


Divine Challenge

Lay on Hands

Holy Strike (at will)

Enfeebling Strike (at will)

Tide of Iron (encounter)

Divine Mettle (encounter)

Divine Strength (encounter)

Piercing Smite (encounter)

Radiant Delirium (daily)

Astral Speech (utility)

Invigorating Smite (encounter)

Battle Awareness (encounter)


Craighammer (+1 magic)

Adventurers Kit

100ft hemp rope


Plate armor

Sheild of Chained

amulet of protection (+1)

Shield of the Chained


My mother was a tall thin elven maiden, ravaged by my father. He did not plan on having to raise a son as a result, but my mother died in labor, and my dwarven father raised me like a dwarf. As a young lad I was a builders son, and I was made to work for my food, and living arrangements. I never really liked the backbreaking labor, but my father called on me for work, and he was all i had. He was an honest man and payed his debts to the lord moradin. He taught me the dwarven trade at a very young age and I became apt with a hammer, not only in building but also in combat. I grew tall (my elven heritage) and strong by his side. But one day while I was working the outskirts of town my father was victim to an attack by marauding orcish villains from the dale regions to the south. He was taken prisoner. I went after them, but was unsuccessful in finding the devilish animals that took my father. I spent the next 10 years of my life searching for any trace that could lead me to my father, but again I was unsuccessful. Thus, I turned to the only three things I knew. Work, Religion, and Beer. I have blown as far south as The Misty Vale in the Shar region, and as far west as The starspire mountains. My quest to find answers was not over, but put on hold for I found footing in Athkatla. The large sinful city was a nice place to loose my past. I settled in at the local church and forced myself to bring out the good and not the bad. Unfortunately the city dwellers did not feel the same way. They burned my home while I was sleeping there one night. I tried to make it out without harm but the house (which i built myself) collapsed while i was still inside. I made it out but the right side of my body was partially burned specifically the lower part of my face, neck and my right arm. This was not the end of my troubles. A group of evil drow pirates were plaguing the the port of Athkatla, and my church was assigned by the lord to destroy these evil doers. Little did we know that the pirates were not the standard rogues, but they had very powerful magic that we could not contend with. 4 of my fellows were killed at sea, 2 lost forever. Me and one other man made it off that boat, but I had to swim back to dry land. The salts of the sea, and the magic of the pirates caused my hair to be bleached permanently, and since then it has been a dull shade of blond. I washed up on the shores of Memnon. I made my way to the first place i could find work. That was the only comfort I had left. I found haven in Riatavin. Here I found the most comfort in Ale. I drank my life away while i worked my hands to the bone. They have since been calloused, broken, bruised and scraped. But they do tell tales. For this reason I am now proudly overweight (much like my dwarven half should be), but all my work has conditioned me to be strong.

Ballreich Koramat, Paladin of Moradin

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