Mogrim Foehammer

He's a Brick... House


Fighter (Guardian)

37 Hit Points, bloodied: 18, surges:12, surge value:9

AC:22  Fort:  17 Reflex: 13 Will: 11 Speed:5 Init:+1

Str: 18 +4

Con: 16 +3

Dex: 10

Int: 10

Wis: 11

Cha: 10

Passive Insight:11

Passive perception:11

Trained skills: Athletics:6, Endurance:7, Heal:6,

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Plate), Dwarven weapon training

At-will powers: Cleave, Tide of Iron

Encounter powers:Shield Bash, Shielded sides

Daily: Comeback strike

Carries a +1 Craghammer

Basic melee: +9 v. AC 1d10+7 dmg.

Plate Mail +1, heavy shield, adventurer's kit



Mogrim Has been chasing his older brother O'Grim for close to a year to let him know that their mother died while O'Grim was out exploring. Holds a grudge against his brother for being there when their father died and now abandoning his family. Still feels the bonds of their clan tie, however, and will help his brother out if he can. Arrived in Llorkh a day behind O'Grim to find out he just left on a caravan for someplace called Spellgard. Realizing he's finally catching up, Mogrim set off at once for the unknown tower.

Mogrim Foehammer

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