A Thread of Fate

Session 8

His name was O'grim, His name was O'grim, His name was O'grim.

Losing their valued dwarven companion to the call of higher education, and promises of wealth & power, the party of faithful adventurers delves deeper into the death and decay that evelops this ancient catacomb.

Even with the unnerving surrounding, the party must rest. After rousing from a less than restful sleep. They press onto the arcane sigiled door which stands between them and the mysterious  Scepter Tower of Spellgaurd. As if the room hadn't taken a breath in years air is sucked into the vault, almost as if giving it new life or unlife. The arcanists vault holds treasures and dangers alike. Only after defeating the multiple undead and psychic powers of the large mausoleums the more arcane inclined in the party recognize what a find a room like this really is. Books and books galore, medical supplies, and an alchemy set that would make Elminster blush are just a few of the finds held here. Perhaps the strangest of which is a small sapphire stone in the shape of a teardrop, which was determined to be and a rare and unique Artifacts. The Ioun Stone of Collective Unconscious gives party a special connection with one another.

Continuing along the hallway, they come across a threateningly murky underwater passage, which may have at one point been a grand hallway. Being more refined than the Ballreich or Theren, The acrane members elected to stay behind and gaurd the hallway instead of getting wet and dirty. Reassuring the status of their allies the Ioun stone rushes back and forth between the allies. Reaching the otherside of the

more on the way~



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