A Thread of Fate

Session X
Yea That's Right, I Used a Roman Numeral... Deal With IT
Session 9
Hopefully They Survive

some to come~

Session 8
His name was O'grim, His name was O'grim, His name was O'grim.

Losing their valued dwarven companion to the call of higher education, and promises of wealth & power, the party of faithful adventurers delves deeper into the death and decay that evelops this ancient catacomb.

Even with the unnerving surrounding, the party must rest. After rousing from a less than restful sleep. They press onto the arcane sigiled door which stands between them and the mysterious  Scepter Tower of Spellgaurd. As if the room hadn't taken a breath in years air is sucked into the vault, almost as if giving it new life or unlife. The arcanists vault holds treasures and dangers alike. Only after defeating the multiple undead and psychic powers of the large mausoleums the more arcane inclined in the party recognize what a find a room like this really is. Books and books galore, medical supplies, and an alchemy set that would make Elminster blush are just a few of the finds held here. Perhaps the strangest of which is a small sapphire stone in the shape of a teardrop, which was determined to be and a rare and unique Artifacts. The Ioun Stone of Collective Unconscious gives party a special connection with one another.

Continuing along the hallway, they come across a threateningly murky underwater passage, which may have at one point been a grand hallway. Being more refined than the Ballreich or Theren, The acrane members elected to stay behind and gaurd the hallway instead of getting wet and dirty. Reassuring the status of their allies the Ioun stone rushes back and forth between the allies. Reaching the otherside of the

more on the way~

Session 7
We're back... With New Shinnies!

This is still me being lazy and it still being better writing than my own A Crudely-Made Journal (Sessions 7+)

Session 6
Last time for a Long-time :(

This is me being lazy and well its better writing… A Crudely-Made Journal ( Sessions 1-6)

Session 5
Combats Galore

The party begins in the Kobold/Half-ling-Wererat Dungeon. Just defeating the small working crew that occupied the previous room, with the powerful magic of Edrienne. The party continues to follow the narrow passages of the worked and sometimes unworked tunnels.

The party has a few things to mention from this week:

  1. Combat with the Gray Wolves, Fire beetles, and Vermin Wranglers (found the saber fang necklace – for Garret)
  2. Party runs from the Boulder trap (Edrienne opts to not be hit by the trap, neither does Ballreich)
  3. Party enter a room of ancient tapestry and has combat with some Kobolds, Wererat, and Kobold Sorcerer. Asimov and Ballreich do not like fungus traps
  4. Party finds a secret door into a small sanctuary for worshipers of Kurtilmak and procedes to have a hallway battle with a Priest of Kurtilmak, some kobolds, and two wererats
  5. Asimov has a fancy new ring
Session 4
Time for Smashing!

The party (still un-named) begins the day with the dilemma of whether or not to forge on into this half-made kobold tunnel system. They ultimatly decide that the best idead is for them to return to the Monastery and get some rest. Their journey goes unhindered and they all lay down to rest in their respective rooms at the Monastery of the Precipice. In the very late hours they entire patronage of the Monastery is awakened to the loud slam of a door being ripped from its hinges. Members of the party coalesce on the room of Asimov and O’grim only to find that O’grim is unconscious with the battered human standing above him with hands abalze and room destroyed. What hurricane of destruction swept through this room? Why was the dwarf passed out with a large scar on his right shoulder? With some healing from Ballreich the adventurers decide that the best idea is to let them work it out on their own and to not ask too many question (as they do not know each other well enough).

With more hours of sleep under their belt they set out into the ruins in the mornings early light. However they would not get that far. Not 30 feet from steps of the Monastery greeted with the familiar tremors of earth. The kruthiks again… no, something much larger. Suddenly a Great Bulette rises from the ground swallowing a monk for the monastery whole in the process. The great beast rampages through the patches of people that are outside of the bastion of the monastery. Taken back by the sight of a monster so large the party keeps their distance as they try to break through the tough hide of the Bulette. Diving in and out of grounds like water the beast continues to attack the largest amount of food. Soon the attack against the animal is greeted by the sword of Nassino and the eldritch energy of Allendi (surprising). All have similar difficult breaking the armor like hide, as the quick footed Garret reaches the top of the building to begin raining down arrows. The fight continues with the arrival some members of the neighboring buildings, try as the might they cannot do much more than perish under the weight of crushing jaws. The feast continues with the lower half of an elderly paladin, who seems to know Nassino. He rushes to the aid of his holy friend only to find him beyond any repair, divine or otherwise. Wisking the bloody remains of his friend off the battlefield, the party begins to take the upperhand on the burrowing beast. Whilst on its final legs the party is greeted by something even more suprising. A shadow dog teleports on top of the beast and sinks its teeth into the beasts neck and as it rears up the quick slashing of a shadowy figure all but rips the head of the Bulette off!

With beast slain Allendi runs to the shadowy figure and in an almost unheard of act begins to yell, scream, and rant in a foreign tongue. Listening in on the conversation the Edriene hears two words that are familiar: Oreme and Thaluud. The dwarf attempts to calm the situation but in turn is banished from the Monastery’s grounds. For what reason he has been removed, he does not ask, mearly demanding that he take some food with him.

more to come

Session 3
How many more people must we meet before I can slay something

Edriene joins the party – read Asimovs journal for flavor!

With nearly a week of dead ends and a coin purse nearly empty, the group decides to defy the words of Allendi and go towards the Scepter Tower. From a distance the tower seems all to easy to enter, despite the thin cloud of mist and overgrown vegetation. However upon reach closer to the tower the visage of the once meek tower, turn to a much darker visage. The Scepter Tower seems to grow in size and the surroundings grow darker and more threatening. Lightning cracks in the sky frequently, but the party continues on, determined to reach some better understanding. As they approch, stones begin to grumble and as if the tower could speak it asks a riddle of the adventurers. Halting immediatly and sensing the danger if they contiued without answering the party ponders the question. At once Asimov and O’grim reply “Pencil Lead”. Feeling reassured that the answer was correct by the sound of stones rumble, the party continues forward. Only moving a another 15 feet the party is once again posed a riddle. However, this one is tougher. The party takes time answering this question, and thinking they have gotten the correct answer, Ballreich moves closer, only to be struck with a crack of black lightning and launched backwards many feet. Continuing to ponder, the newest member of the group (the Eladrin Wizard – Edriene) finally comes to the conclusion of “The Head of a Nail.” Again hearing the grumble of stone against stone they continue. But again as they move closer, the tower ask another riddle. Of course this one is harder than the last… Taking several minutes to think, none of the answers are meet with approval. Fed up, the paladin Ballreich trys to move forward only to be struck again by the black lightning. However the surge of electricity must of caused something to click in master Foehammer’s mind, for he immediately answered “A Wedding Band.” Nearing the last 15 feet of the castle they are meet with one last question, to which all have heard and almost in unison reply “Silence.”

Upon reaching the gargantuan doors to the Scepter Tower they find it to be locked by 3 giant locks. On either side of the door lies a clock-like puzzle with 3 hands stretching out onto assorted type of symbols numbering 9 slots each. With no clue how to enter they, blindly test the puzzle. After pulling on the door to no avail, a giant stone figure seems to step out of the tower as if a man through a door. With golem stepping in dominant stride, Ballreich attempts to calm the animated rock with words… and he does. Noting that the golems right hand is the key to the final piece in the puzzle, the party investigates any information about the tower. However, Ziggan (the Golem) either knows little or is not willing to give up such valuable information about the Tower which he so fervently defends. Conceding that they do not have enough information to enter the tower in such a direct manner the party leaves Ziggan and his Scepter tower to look for the still fabled entrances to the tower.. underground.

Realizing the surest way to get underground was to follow the Kobold tunnels the group returns to Kal Clewsoro’s camp to purchase information about the nearby entrance. Parting with a few precious gems, Kal marks the entrance to the tunnel on their Map. The party then goes out in search of it, but nightfall makes it all but impossible to find the entrance. Choosing to rest they make camp for the night. In the throws of dawns early light, Garret (the ranger) notices in the distance a small figure crawling prone along the ground. It seems to dissappear behind a hill, but upon closer inspection the group finds that this is the hidden passage, an entrance into the underground! Taking their time to carefully journey to some 50 feet straight down into the tunnels, the first to reach the bottom is met with the thud of throwing hammers. After cracking a sunrod, they reveal it to be a kobold trapsmith who just happens to be working on his latest mechanism. Tempting the less tactical of the bunch the kobold draws the group into many all of his traps over the next few minutes. Utilizing every trick in his book the kobold hinders the group severly. Finally catching up to the now dubbed “little basterd” by Asimov, the trapster opts to retreat into a the armory. Entering the room the party notes 4 halflings tied up against the wall. Could these be the members of the Darrano clan which they were seeking? None would be able to find out, because when the final sword was sheathed the (still un-named) party had slain the last of the half-lings turned Wererats along with the trapster.

Wisely choosing to rest after bloody and exhausting fight the group still ponder the various quandries surrounding this fortress of ancient magic. How do we reach Lady Saharel? What will I ask Lady Saharel upon reaching her? Why has Lady Saharel not been seen in 6 months and is she in danger? Why do I choose to continually put my life on the line to reach her? What power does this elemental pillar hold? Who is after it? Where did the body of the small person from the construct battle go? Why are the half-lings and kobolds working together? And how does the note from a ghost read my name and the names of my compatriots?!

Session 2
And so it Continued

From the mindset of Garret:

Time stops… The unmistakable fear and excitement of being hunted comes over you. You look around the room and nothing seems out of place, but you know your life hangs on the balance of a knifes edge… You’ve felt this before, in Luskan. You begin to sweat as you reach for your weapon, you realize it has been some time since you’ve felt on edge. Suddenly the door bursts open and a flash of a woman runs in, the wisper of feet hoping not to make a sound graces your ear. You leap for the door to face you foe only to see a shadow… return to the night. Time returns. You hear gasps of air, from woman… a half-ling woman~

Garret asks the woman who he finds to out to be Millek an troublemaking seeker what she was running from. Realizing she has been caught she dances around the questions and slinks away to her room.

That night the Half-elf decides to get drunk and make nice with everyone and I do mean everyone in sight at the monastery. During this time the half-ling takes a trip out to the Religious Fanatic campsite, pilfering a few maps and a box full of coin he chooses to flee when the main group returns.

The next day the group leaves around mid-day, in large part due to the hungover half-elf. Touring the surrounding area and looking for the missing Darrano clan, the group reaches the former campsite of the brutish half-lings. Without any clear reason for why the half-lings left the group wanders to the Northern Ramparts. A rotted and musty shelter to some of the surrounding beasts. They confront a vaugley humanoid shadow bat and eventually bring him down. But the half-elf may look like he took a really bad shave. The Human finds a bottle of wine that catches his eye, he knows it to be expenisive, whether his allies know that is yet to be determined.

Spending the next few days in search of any sign or direction the party begins to wane in their hope of meeting Lady Saharel or piflering the rumored vaults of wealth that she once had. Coming into contact with a few of the other bands during this time the party sharply heralds the warning of Allendi to stay away from the Scepter Tower and its ancient magic. During this time they catch up with the other clans, bands, and groups in this perverbial playground of seekers.

On the 4th day while heading to the broken tower to try and glean some information from the Kobolds about the disapperence of the half-lings the rumble of the ground startles the hellocked human. Soon they are crossing blades and magic with the brute power of a roving band of Kruthiks. dodging poison and stabbling limbs the group handles to encounter with ease. As the eldest among the bunch hits the group the young begin to flee by digging into the ground from which they came.

Continuing on the the Broken Tower they are greeted with an expected amount of hostility but is quickly diminished by the soft speaking half-elf. Once among the encampment of the Kobolds the tension begins to rise as the group has neither a prospect of trade nor an eye to buy. Checking the surroundings the group notes a cavern entrance and a similar set of clothing, which looks like that thing that Millek describe that she killed. When Garret picked this up the Kobolds took to arms and the tensions in the room could be cut with a small pebble, and it was. Choosing to back out safely the group looked to the north to find another Kobold tunnel and possibly nicer kobolds

Asking Kal Clewsoro for help proved fiscally difficult for the poor or otherwise tight pursed bunch. The information of where the other kobold tunnel eluded the group once again, in part to the hungry hands of the small one. Heading out once again to find direction in this late hour the the Tinkerman and Human spot a faint purple glow off in the distance. Upon coming closer to it and with the nimble one in front they advance slowly, however the less sneaky of the bunch alert the enemies to their nearness. What enemies are these though, a skeloten pair of metallic dogs with fiercely glowing eyes and even fiercer teeth. A giant iron snake and an overgrown Artificers stool with crossbow bolts to spare. Constructs infused with magic all, and when the finally blow was given the group prevailed. However during the combat 3 noted that where the human had gone to fight the “stool” was shrouded in flame. A visage of something less than human stepped through the flash and then darkness to the sight of it back.

Left off at the end of this combat


Rumors gathered:

✦ The Monastery of the Precipice trades whiskey distilled on the premises for food and sundries supplied by merchants.

✦ The great treasures of Spellgard were taken from the place years ago, in the final days of Low Netheril when the fortress was sacked. However, rumors persist of undisturbed chambers there, and of ancient relics that have not seen the light of day for centuries.

✦ Spellgard has lain in ruins for more than a thousand years, but the castle has never been truly abandoned. A shifting population of treasure hunters and prophecyseekers occupy the aboveground ruins, and the old tunnels beneath the site are home to kobolds and fouler creatures.

✦ In the middle of Spellgard is the Scepter Tower, one of the few structures of the old castle that still stands complete. Mystery and legend surround the Scepter Tower, and it is said that no living being can pass within its walls.

✦ The magic of Netheril lingers within the stones of Spellgard. Before the castle fell, its arcanists focused incalculable power within the Scepter Tower, and the chambers of old Saharelgard were warded by magic that no one could defeat.

✦ Dark rumors have come down from the Monastery of the Precipice with the most recent caravans. Though the Spellgard ruins have always been a dangerous place, a dark presence is said to have established itself there. More than a few of the so-called seekers who look for Lady Saharel have disappeared in the ruins.

✦ Not all who look for Lady Saharel make the Monastery of the Precipice their base of operations in Spellgard. Seeker camps dot the ruins, and some of their residents are as dangerous as any monsters roaming the Fallen Lands.

Session 1
Then it Began

Sages, cartographers, and explorers once wrote extensively regarding the area long known as the Fallen Lands—a last remnant of Netheril that once lay along the western edge of the desert known as Anauroch. Then the Spellplague came, thrusting this area into great upheaval and leaving much of this territory shrouded in mystery.

✦ Somewhere near the center of the Fallen Lands stands Stormkeep, a mysterious castle surrounded by magical squalls of electricity that never dissipate.

✦ Orcs and goblins live in scattered bands throughout the region. They mostly war against each other, though different tribes occasionally unite under a singlebanner to raid over the Graypeaks and strike the frontier communities of the Gray Vale.

✦ Travel by day is reasonably safe, although particularly bold bandits sometimes menace travelers who don’t appear capable of defending themselves.

✦ Some explorers speak of a site known as the Plateau of the Reverse Obelisks, which they say is safe to approach and travel through by day. In fact, the denizens of the Fallen Lands grant this area a wide berth, making it perhaps the safest part of the journey to Spellgard. However, it is unwise (if not downright foolhardy) to make camp or spend the night anywhere near this place.

✦ Spellgard lies atop a ridge at the eastern edge of the Fallen Lands. Its ruins are visible from miles away on a clear day.

✦ Spellgard was once known as Saharelgard, a great fortress of ancient Netheril. It is home to Lady Saharel, a ghost who has the gift of prophecy and insight. She speaks of the future or the past to anyone who chances upon her in the Spellgard ruins.

✦ At the edge of Spellgard stands the Monastery of the Precipice. Treasure-hunters and seekers.

the PC’s Meet in a tavern in the city of Llorkh. They travel with a caravan to Spellgard


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